Saturday, 28 December 2013

Blogger Sign Up

Bloggers - why you should apply to host with us:

we VALUE your work - we help your readership grow, and you're helping us promote great books.
we send the info to you asap - not at the last minute
we send clear instructions and information
we include a giveaway in every formal book tour, to help you grab readers
we welcome inquiries if you need help

Whom do we approve?

Most people who apply get approved. So relax! You already care that your blog looks neat and tidy, right? All you really need is a blog that's neat and tidy, easy to read and looks welcoming. The text won't overlap the pictures and there won't be huge ads spilling out over the top of widgets on the top of other content. Any kind of blog can be approved - it doesn't need to be a book blog. And it's quite ok to have a beautiful blog or a special font, what we're after is one where all the content is tidily arranged.

If you think your blog has got what it takes, we'd love to have you.

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