Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Mortal Realm Witch: Learning About Magic by Jennifer Priester

Magic & Wizards, Anthologies, Short Stories
on tour 12th Feb - 12th Mar, 2014

This is Book One in the uniquely written Mortal Realm Witch series for anyone 8 and up who love to read stories about animals and magic, Mortal Realm Witch: Learning About Magic. It contains six separate, but connecting, stories, each of which focuses on a young witch learning to use her magic responsibly. In Learning About Magic the first character you meet is DWW who is just learning she is a witch and that her dog, Trillman, can talk and he is going to teach her how to use magic but it won't be easy as DWW struggles to learn responsibility and Trillman struggles to teach it to her.

Throughout Book One, not only will you learn about DWW, who will tell you her origin story about becoming a witch and learning about her new powers and responsibilities, and more, but you will get to read stories about DWW from the point of view of her familiar, Trillman, and the Head of the Witches Council who also plays a role in helping teach DWW, Trom. 

In this book DWW also becomes the magic teacher of two magical wolf pups where she comes to learn much about herself in this turning point story, then return home a new witch who will try to stop a warlock from taking over the Realms as her newfound responsibility gets tested. You will also meet Air Raid, a dragon, and his new friend and witch, Ally. Ally wants Air Raid to be her familiar, but Trom says dragons don't make good familiars. Together Ally and Air Raid will try to prove him wrong.

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