Saturday, 28 December 2013

Posting Guidelines For Bloggers

We're flexible in how you present the books, and we like to hope we're a whole lot more friendly than most. We put instructions in the info email that we send you. There are only a few things that we ask.

* If you sign up for a tour, you post. (Problem? Please just let us know.)
* You post at the time agreed. Time of day doesn't matter.
* You check the preview before you hit save or post. Just a one-minute glance to make sure things are neat and tidy. :)

A few other notes...
The post does not need to be first on your page for the day. Second or third is fine. And it's better for everyone to enable comments. Most authors will stop by and thank you for posting, and it's good promotion for everyone if you reply and reshare the comments to the public.

Reviews are always optional. Even on review tours, you can sign up just to do a promo spot without a review. A few points:
* The author is giving out the book for free, in return for honest feedback. If you ask to read the book, it's fair that you review. You don't owe a positive review, just a fair one :)
* If you have accounts with Amazon, Goodreads and other review sites, please post the same review there also.
* If you aren't enjoying the book or decide not to review, no problem - please just let me know. We're promoting the book - so if you intend to give it 1-2 stars or 0 / did-not-finish as a rating, that's ok, but please hold off your review until after the book tour, and please let me know. This is perfectly ok, I promise, I have even done this myself sometimes when I have reviewed for other websites. Not everybody likes every kind of book! I just need to know, because I'm not a mind-reader :)
Interested? Join us!

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