Saturday, 28 December 2013

Why Us?

Authors - what's a good promoter made of?
Look beyond numbers. Quality matters. Before choosing any tour host, look beyond their site and check out the tour stops on some of their previous tours. The info should be clear, and the blogs should be neat and well-presented. If you're seeing fancy text which you can't read, neither can potential book buyers. Go with a host who values quality.

We prioritise neat and tidy sites which make your book the focus of the page. This means that websites full of floating vote buttons or pop-up ads won't be grabbing the attention away from the important stuff - you, and your book.

So, why us?
we communicate openly
we verify tour stops
we're honest about what we offer
we network you, for visibility

A note about tour stops:
We always overbook stops. This usually means the author gets more stops than they paid for - that is, if the package specifies 10 stops, we arrange at least 12 to cover the unlikely event of a missed stop. We verify the participating stops to make sure that the the author gets the minimum they paid for.

Many authors will also stop by at each blog stop and leave a thank you comment for bloggers - it's much appreciated and entices bloggers to sign up for future tours by the same author. Most blogs integrate those comments with their social networking, increasing exposure around the internet.

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