Saturday, 8 February 2014

ONE OF US by Evelia Cobos

Literature, Romance
on tour 9th Feb - 23rd Feb, 2014

Ana marries into a Moslem culture. Her husband convinces her he is a Prophet and motivates her to go without, food, water, speaking, thinking, moving, sleeping. How does he do that? Is she crazy? Is he a prophet?

ONE OF US is a novel of romance and suspense. Set in San Francisco, CA and Hawaii, Evelia Cobos speeds us aloft in an exciting journey. As in virtual reality, the story reveals the wedded lovers, Salim and Ana, who, like Romeo and Juliet, are fated lovers. Ana, an American educator, will never be accepted by Salim’s traditional East Indian family.

We learn in this fascinating mystery that Salim married Ana exactly for that reason. He did not wish for her acceptance. A THRILLER, WE ARE GLUED TO THE STORY AS WE WONDER IF THE QUEST Salim demands of Ana will result in the ECSTASY of consummated love; or whether, as in Romeo and Juliet, the lovers are doomed.

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